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Room Module Includes room identification, editing, and viewing vacancy and occupancy status. It enables status tracking, responsible personnel and transaction archive viewing.
Reservation Module It includes creating a pre-booking/reservation with customer name, contact, person, number of days, agency format.
Product/Service Sales Module It includes defining and organizing basic product/service information such as category, product/service name and price. It includes facilitating options such as product image identification.
Case Module Includes Income-Expense, Collection-Payment, Cash Transaction viewing.
Current Module It ensures tracking of agency, suppliers and financial movements.
Customer Module It includes customer identification and contact information, document type, adding images and viewing lists. Additional features such as adding customer vehicle information are available.
Personnel Module It involves recording and tracking the personal information, employment, salaries, bank and documents of business employees. You can also name employees such as managers, receptionists, cleaning/kitchen staff and create users; Allows access to the system within the framework of authorization.
Report Module It includes reporting by filtering date based on Customer, Current, Room, Category, Product, Sales, Payment Method, Guest Manager, Cashier Movements.
Admin Module Business Information includes having the authority to define, edit and delete Room, Customer, Current, Cash, Personnel, Product and Preliminary Accounting data. It also provides ease of authorization by creating users for the desired personnel and allowing them to view and edit in the relevant areas.
Tokens It includes indicators such as service manager, room status, number of people, and payment method display. It has privileges such as creating invoices and invoices and SMS.


Erenler Tech Hotel Management System - Increase Guest Satisfaction, Make Your Job Easier!

Dear Hoteliers and Hospitality Professionals,

As Erenler Tech, we offer a special solution to manage your hotel businesses smarter, faster and more efficiently: Erenler Tech Hotel Management System. This innovative software is designed to enhance guest experience, optimize operations and take your business to the top.