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Beauty Salon Software



Seat Module Includes seat identification, editing, vacant and occupancy status viewing.
Appointment Module Includes booking an appointment with the customer's name, phone, address, and date format. It provides the convenience of pre-defining the appointment manager, the personnel who will perform the service, and the service to be performed.
Service Module Includes defining and organizing basic information about the service, such as service name and price. Provides facilitating options such as active/passive options.
Finance Module Includes Income-Expense, Receivables-Payables, and Cash Transaction viewing.
Supplier Module Includes tracking of suppliers and their financial movements.
Customer Module Includes viewing customer name, phone, address, and service history.
Personnel Module Includes recording and tracking personal information, employment, salaries, bank, and relevant business documents. Additionally, identifying employees and creating users, allowing them access to the system within the framework of authorization.
Report Module Includes viewing reports by filtering data based on customer, appointment, service, category, product, payment method, personnel, and cash transactions.
Admin Module Includes the authority to define, edit, and delete seat, customer, supplier, cash, personnel, service, and preliminary accounting data. It also provides ease of authorization by creating users for the desired personnel and allowing them to view and edit the relevant areas.
Tokens Includes tokens such as tips, discounts, customer ratings, payment method, and transaction detail viewing.


Erenler Tech Beauty Salon Software - Redefine Your Beauty Salon with Technology!

Dear Beauty Salon Professionals and Business Owners,

As Erenler Tech, we offer an innovative solution that will make your hairdressing salons more effective, organized, and customer-oriented: Erenler Tech Beauty Salon Software. This special software allows you to manage your business smarter, faster, and more efficiently by eliminating the chaos of your hair salons, and offers you and your customers a unique experience.